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~Destiny's Child - The Writings On The Wall~

~1. Intro~

~2. So Good~

Hey how ya doin yeah Im doin mighty fine
Last time I seen 'ya, it's been a long time
Stop smilin at me get that look off your face
Please don't even front stop being so fake
I know you do not like me yeah you made that really clear
You're always talkin'bout me from what I hear
Always turn me down when you thought that you could
I want you to know that im doin so good.

Wasn't it you that said
I thought I was all that and you
Said I didn't have a clue
Wasn't it you that said
That I wouldn't make it through
Wasn't it you that said
That I didn't look too good
That I wouldn't do too good
I'd never make it out the hood
I want you to know that im doin so good

(So Good, So Good, So Good)
I know you hate it, but I'm
(So Good, So Good, So Good)
Im doin so so so so, so good
( so Good, So Good, So Good)
Its hard to face it but I'm..

This is for them haters who said we wouldn't make it
Now we're doin platinum and now you can't take it
But all the people round us that have been negative
Look at us now, see how we live
I say I' dont want my people, they're the ones who keep it real
Didn't get caught up and how'd'it make you feel
All the things im doin that you said I never could
I want you to know that im doin so good

(Refrain 2)
Wasn't it you that said
Thought I was all that and you
Said I didn't have a clue
Wasn't it you that said
That I wouldn't make it through
Wasn't it you that said
That I wouldn't do too good
Look at me now aint that good?
Now ive made it out the hood
I want you to know that im doin so good


I'm doin, so so so so so
I'm doin, so so so so so
I'm doin, so so so so so, good good good good good, good


~3. Bills, Bills, Bills~

At first we started out real cool
Taking me places I ain't never been
But now, you're getting comfortable
Ain't doing those things you did no more
You're slowly making me pay for
Things your money should be handling
And now you ask to use my car
Drive it all day and don't fill up the tank
And you have the audacity to even come and step to me
Ask to hold some money from me until
You get your cheque next week

You trifling
(Good for nothing type of brother)
Silly me
(Why haven't I found another)
(A baller), when times get hard need someone to help me out
(Instead of) a scrub like you who don't know what a man's about

Can you pay my bills
Can you pay my telephone bills
Can you pay my automo-bills
If you did then maybe we could chill
I don't think you do
So, you and me are through

Now you've been maxing out my cards
Giving me bad credit buying me gifts with my
Own ends
Haven't paid the first bill
But you're steady heading to the mall
Going on shopping sprees perpetrating to your friends that you be balling
And then you use my cell phone
Calling whoever that you think at home
And then when the bill comes all of a sudden you be acting dumb
Don't know where none of these calls come from
When your mama's number's here more than once



(You trifling, good for nothing type of brother)
(Oh silly me, why haven't I found another)
(Repeat 3 More x)


~4. Confessions~

The day you pissed me off I told Mike to pick me up
I told him you was buggin' and I don't like to fuss
He said he would look out for me if I needed a friend
He took me to his house and then he invited me in
When we sat on th ecoach he put his arms around my waist
Knowing I need lovin' then he gently grabbed my face
He kissed me like a guy could never kiss a girl before
So you know what happened baby I need to say no more

I'm just confessing
'Bout the things I did
I might as well come clean
What you feel about that baby
I'm just confessing
'Bout the things I did
I might as well come clean
What you feel about that baby
I'm just guessing
That you're through with me
Cause I just came clean
What you feel about that baby
I'm just guessing
Are you through with me
Cause I just came clean
What you feel about that...

Remember the time you wondered where your money went
I called my friends and bought some clothes and took them on a trip
I met a dude that had a jeep and we talked all the time
He asked me 'bout my man and you know that I had to lie
He thought I had no man and I was chillin' by myself
Don't get mad cause I feel sad that's why I must confess
So many times I wanted to let you know my dirt
But everytime you said you loved me I knew it would hurt


(I was mad what was I to do)
(I never had it in mind to play on you)
(But look at all the hurt you put me through)
(I can't tell a lie so I'm tellin the truth)
(I was mad what was I to do)
(I never had it in mind to play on you)
(But look at all the hurt you put me through)
(You know, you know)


~5. Bug-A-Boo~

You make me wanna throw my pager out the window
Tell MCI to cut the phone calls
Break my lease so I can move
Cause you a bug a boo, a bug a boo
I wanna put your number on the call block
Have AOL make my email stop
Cause you a bug a boo
You buggin what? you buggin who? you buggin me!
And dont you see it aint cool

Its not hot that you be callin me
Stressin me pagin my beeper
You're just non-stop
And its not hot
That you be leavin me messages
Every 10 minutes and then you stop by
When I first met you, you were cool
But it was game you had me fooled
Cause 20 minutes after I gave you my number
You already had my mailbox full

(So what you bought a pair of shoes)
(What now I guess you think I owe you)
(You dont have to call as much as you do)
(I'd give em back to be through with you)
(And so what my momma likes you)
(What now I guess you think I will too)
(Even if the pope he said he liked you too)
I dont really care cause you're a bug a boo


Its not hot
That when I'm blockin your phone number
You call me from over your best friends house
And its not hot that I cant even go out with my girlfriends
Without you trackin me down
You need to chill out with that mess
Cause you can't keep havin me stressed
Cause everytime my phone rings it seems to be you
And I'm prayin that it is someone else



When you call me on the phone you're buggin me
When you follow me around youre buggin me
Everything you do be buggin me
You buggin me, you buggin me
When you show up at my door you buggin me
When you open up your mouth you buggin me
Everytime i see your face youre buggin me
You're buggin me, you're buggin me



~6. Temptation~

I know you see me watching you
And I see you watching me
Cause boy your body's callin'
And temptation is killin me
(Repeat 2x)

I'm chillin at this party and my posse's bo deep
And my man on my mind in my hair what did I see
The fellas lookin fly and there was one that caught my eye
So I bit my lip switched my hips as I walked by saying
Sexy boy you're so fly I just might give you a try
I'm a write yo number in the palm of my hand
Oops i forgot i got a man


I'm thinkin to myself should I even take a chance
Should I do whats on my mind or should I stay down with my man
This boy here got me fienin and I'm wantin him so bad
Should I chill or not...with everything i had
Saying sexy boy you so fly I wish i could give you a try
But my man's at home waiting for me by the phone
Sorry cant get my groove on


Temptations is callin
I be wantin you so bad I could cry
Relationships callin me
To do whats wrong but I gotta do right


Temptations is callin
I be wantin you so bad i could cry
Relationships callin me
To do whats wrong but i gotta do right


~7. Now That She's Gone~

Now that she's gone you wanna come back
Well is that a fact?
You've got it like that?
You made me wait to long I'm gone
Now that she's gone you wanna come back
Is that a fact?
Think you've got it like that?
You made me wait too long im gone

Take her to the movies
Dinner all the time
Shoppin spree's for her
On me you never spent a dime
But I was there for you
When you had nothing at all
Then you got a lil' job and
Shes the one you call and


You've taken me for granted
But you only get one chance
Then you left me hurting
And it wont happen again no, no
So she finally left you
It aint no surprise
That you miss your water
Cause your well went dry


I understand
Why you think I want you back
After what you did to me
Did you think you blinded me?
Boy you know whatever you do
It will all come back to you
Cause you tried to play me like a fool
I understand
Why you think I want you back
After what you did to me
Did you think you blinded me?
Boy you know whatever you do
It will all come back to you...


~8. Where'd You Go~

Oh baby where'd you go?
I need you back wit' me
Oh baby where'd you go?
I need you back wit' me...

(Where'd you go)
(So baby please, come back to me)

It has been five days
You haven't (called me)
Do you still (want me)
Still (need me)
Am I on your mind
Are you thinkin' (of me)
Are you missin (me like)
I (miss you)
Crying constantly
Runnin' out of (reasons)
Why I haven't (heard from you)
(I'm worried)
Got me doin' crazy thangs
I can't even sleep
Gotta get you back to me

Where'd you go
I don't know
I know that I need you in this heart of mine
So baby please come back to me
I know I can't live my life without you

Thinking of everything
That you (told me)
Said you'll never (leave me)
(Deceive me)
Got my mind throwed off
Did you just (use me)
Boy you (confuse me)
Gonna (loose me)
I can't deal with all the pain
And hell you (put me through)
Cause I still (missin' you)
Wanna (be with you)
Without you here I'm breakin' down inside
Oh baby tell me why
Why did you hurt me, hurt me


Wow..wo uh oh... oh, oh uh oh
Wow..wo uh oh... oh, oh uh oh
Destiny's Child help me out!
(It's my destiny)
(To have you here with me)
It's my destiny, to have you here with me
(It's my destiny)
(To have to here with me)
It's my destiny
To have you here with meeeee........


~9. Hey Ladies~

Hey ladies
Why is that men can go do us wrong
Why is that
We just decide to keep holdin' on
Why is that
We never seem to just have the strength to leave
Well he's got to go, he's got to go

My man's been cheatin' on me
Been runnin 'round here with this little tender roni
Don't think I haven't noticed he's been actin' funny
Take him too long to call me
And somebody told me
That the worst thing of it all is that he gave her money
Now how he gonna give her my investment no, no
My first reaction's tellin' me he's got to go, go
But I just ain't fo' sho'
Should I just let him go
Oh I don't know

Yeah he did me wrong
But I love him so
I keep holdin' on
But he got to go, he got to go
Thought he was the one
But now I don't know
After what he's done
He's got to go, he's got to go


He keep rewindin' it
Stopin' it and Playin' himself over again
See I'm sick tired of you doin' that same ol' thing
Sick of your same routine
Now you've got to come clean
Cause it's killin' me



[Background: woowooooo]
I just don't understand
You get chance after chance
And you say that you'll do right
But I really do not know if you did
It's not in your plans that you've shown
Can you change?
Don't think so, now I gotta let you go


~10. If You Leave (f/Next)~

If you leave her
I'll leave him
We'll pack our bags
Don't say a word
Let's go far away to another place
Let's hide away
Oh just you and me

I peeped game long time ago
When he told me
(He's never seen that chick before)
He couldn't give me no explanation
Cause he knows when I pack my bags
It ain't for no vacation at all
(I'm gonna do my thang)
(I'm leavin his ass alone)
(Oh I'm movin' on my way)
(He's history...)
(When the game is over he will see)
That a girl's gotto (do what she gotta do)


I called six one two
Five five five
Twenty-four Twenty-two
To find you
I packed my bags
Gased up the Jag
Even told my dad, you're the finest girl I never had
(Answered my lady)
(Cause the message said page me)
(I know it might sound crazy)
(But say you'll be my baby)
(She crushed my new Benz)
(Slept with my best friend)
(Spent all my ends)
(it's got to end)

Oooh how do I know, you won't hurt me like he has
(I know you said you want me bad)

You gotta have faith in me
I'll never play baby!!!
(Cause my love) Is alright
(Is all you'll ever need)

[Cause I need someone for me]
{This love was meant to be}
[It's our destiny]
[{Just runaway with me... oh oh}]


(Repeat choruses one after another until fade...)

~11. Jumpin‘ Jumpin'~

Ladies leave yo man at home
The club is full of ballas and they pockets full grown
And all you fellas leave yo girl with her friends
Cause its 11:30 and the club is jumpin jumpin

Though he say he got a girl
Yes true you got a man
But the party aint gon' stop
So lets make it hot hot!

Last week and you stayed at home alone and lonely
Couldnt find yo man he was chillin with his homies
This weekend you're goin' out
If he try to stop you you're goin off
You got ya hair done and ya nails done too
With your outfit and your fittin the shoes
Who parlayin at the hottest spot tonight
You're gonna find the brothas rollin in the lexus, trucks and hummers




Call your boys cause tonight you're not gon' stay at home
So tell your girl she ain't coming tonight you're goin' solo
Cut her off cause she talks some noise you know you've
Got the right to get your party on so get your hair cut
And your car washed too, lookin
Like a star in your Armani suit
You need to
Look your best cause you're turnin' heads tonight
You're gonna
Find a sexy chica thats gon' dance all night if you wanna



(Refrain #2) Sexy women do your dance
Fly ladies work yo man
All them fellas time to clown
We can get down now

Bounce with me, bounce bounce bounce twirk it twirk it
Shake baby shake sha shake sha shake work it work it
Twist baby twist twist twist you better dip that thang

(Refrain #2)


~12. Say My Name~

Darkchild 99'

Say my name, say my name
If no one is around you
Say baby I love you
If you ain't runnin' game
Say my name, say my name
You actin' kinda shady
Ain't callin' me baby
Why the sudden change

Any other day
I would call and you would say
Baby how's your day
But today, it ain't the same
Every other word
Is "uh-huh" yeah "ok"
Could it be that you
Are at the crib with another lady
If you took it there
First of all, let me say
I am not the one
To sit around, and be played
So prove yourself to me
I am the girl that you claim
Why don't you say the thangs
That you said to me yesterday

I know you say that i am assuming things
Something's going down thats the way it seems
Shouldn't be the reason why you're acting strange
If nobody's holding you back from me
Cause I know how you useually do
When you say everything to me times two
Why can't you just tell the truth
If somebody's there then tell me who


What is up with this
Tell the truth,who you with
How would you like it if
I came over with my clique
Don't try to change it now
See you gotta bounce
When two seconds ago
You said you just got in the house
It's hard to believe that you
Are at home, by yourself
When I just heard the voice
Heard the voice of someone else
Just this question why
Do you feel you gotta lie
Gettin' caught up in your game
When you can not say my name





~13. She Can't Love You~

I saw your new girlfriend the other day
And I expected for her to be so much more than she was
I checked out her style
The way she smiled
The way she moved
The things she said
The way she looked at me like
I got your man

She cant love you like I can
All of her love just cant compare
To what I have
She cant touch you like I do
Cause when yall touchin
You pretend its me and you

And theres no way
Her love's as good as mine
Theres no reason for you to waste your time

When we were together
You told me what you didn't like
And you went out and got exactly that type
Except that your new girl is nothing
Compared to me
Everything that she did wrong
I always did right

She cant hold you like I can
Boy you a fool
If you can't realize what you had
She can't feel you like I can
Cause I'm a girl
That's always standin by my man



~14. Stay~


Baby I want for nothing just your tender sweet loving
I know you've got your things to do
But tell me what means more to you
Hanging out with me or with your boys
Sometimes I do get lonely
No you and no one to hold me
You want so much to lay me down
Is that what keeps you hanging 'round?
Is that the only way to win your heart?

Well if I loved you a little bit longer
If my love was a little bit stronger
Would you stay, stay?
Baby please stay
If I granted all of your wishes
Give you more than touches and kisses
Would you stay, stay?
I need you to stay

I'll be, be yours forever
But can we keep us together?
I know the time is drawing near
I promised you has it been a year
Baby now I'm ready, will you stay? Sta-ay


Every now and then ya think about it
If you love me, you could live without it
But I don't wanna do you that way, no no no no no
I don't know exactly what I'm feelin'
I'm kinda scared but I'm then kinda willing
Will you promise me just one thing?
No matter what, you're gonna stay



~15. Sweet Sixteen~


You couldn't tell her jack or nothing
Sixteen, thought she knew it all
(She was searching for the love she missed yeah)
And so she ran away

(Slow down)
You're moving way too fast
There's so much for you ahead
Sweet sixteen
Do you know where you're running to
She fell in love with a man who was so fine (so fine)
He made her promises, yeah
She didn't stop to think if he was serious
(No, no, no)
Until she had his baby
Sweet sixteen


Sixteen years, sixteen prayers
Sixteen reasons why I care
Sixteen tears, you're sixteen still
Sweet sixteen (girl)
I know you're feeling lonely
Who you gonna turn to
Just like the worlds closing in on you
Sweet sixteen
You need cherish what you have
You can forget about the past
Now you can start all over, you can start all over again
And cherish your life


Sweet sixteen
Do you know where you're going to
Ba ba ba ba ba
At sixteen
Do you know where you're going to
Slow down
Do you know where you're going to
Sweet sixteen
At sixteen
Sweet sixteen

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